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Innovation vs Comfort of legacy systems
A while back, a friend of mine recounted to me a nugget of wisdom from an old client who said, "you know what 'legacy system' means to me? It means that it works."...

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Know and design for your target users

Design for the Intended Audience
It seems such an obvious concept. Why then are so many products put out that have few if any consideration for the poor sap that has to use it?

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Drew Mattke, Technical Design Director


Here on my personal business site, learn more about me as a professional than a one-page resumé can impart. You'll also discover some insights that I am happy to share with you. These topics bring together elements of Design, Technology, and Business — with some random thoughts that tie back in ways you might not expect.

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Best of the Web 2005 :: Forrester Study Review


Forrester research has published its list of the best websites of 2005.
Some interesting things to consider.


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Networking, art that conceals art


Some thoughts on helping others in order to build a network of business contacts and friends.


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Managing Time


Good time management is really task management. Here are some things that work well for me.


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I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.
— Thomas Jefferson
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