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The Web for Mobile Computing
As hand-held devices get cheaper and more powerful, we see the convergence of nearly ubiquitous wireless access and the need to meet a whole new set of customer needs.

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Blink :: by Malcolm Gladwell
Somewhat popular pop-psychology book with some interesting insights into decision-making and what influences our thought process.

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Drew Mattke, Technical Design Director


Here on my personal business site, learn more about me as a professional than a one-page resumé can impart. You'll also discover some insights that I am happy to share with you. These topics bring together elements of Design, Technology, and Business — with some random thoughts that tie back in ways you might not expect.

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Excellent Design means listening to users


How can you be part of the next "iPod" or "iPhone" innovation?
Turns out there's more to it than just making up something that's cool.


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Joining Toastmasters

Public speaking is more vital a skill than ever before

Does the old venerable institution still have something to offer 21st Century knowledge workers?


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Best of the Web 2005 :: Forrester Study Review


Forrester research has published its list of the best websites of 2005.
Some interesting things to consider.


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Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.
— Stephen King
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